What is the objective of the Diamond Time-Lapse Protocol (DTLP)? +
To create transparency in cost effective manners yet self-sustainable, trustworthy and most secured network along the entire diamond’s lifetime journey, instilling consumer confidence and driving industry growth. DTL also represents - Transparency - Responsible sourcing - Natural origin
How is this different from other diamond traceability initiatives? +
The DTL was developed upon this world-first diamond traceability initiative, through the integration of the Diamond Time-Lapse initiative. The Diamond Time-Lapse is essentially a historical ledger of the movement of the firm’s diamonds, from mine to finger.
The DTL is a fully-inclusive, value-add initiative for every stakeholder, where everyone can participate and make a collective effort to take the diamond industry further towards the highest ethical standards.
Why it is required? +
Consumer awareness is increasing across a variety of issues including sustainability and ethical sourcing. There has been an increasing demand in being empowered with knowledge about the goods that they consume. As such, there is a deep requirement for providing transparency across supply chains to satisfy consumer demand as well as to facilitate the building of trust amongst all stakeholders.
Who will govern the system? +
DTL platform is a decentralized platform where no single party or company controls it. The Board of governance will have a team of professional from Blockchain Experts, Mining Company, Diamond Manufacturer, Jewellery Manufacturers, Retailers, Banks and reputed NGO.
What is blockchain and how is its application useful to the diamond industry? +
When we talk about ‘Blockchain’, people will instantly think of ‘Bitcoin’. However, the application of Blockchain technology does not limited to crypto currency, but also on various sectors of business operations including diamonds, it may be the solutions of many current and future issues of diamond industry like, transparency, fraud detection, provenance or traceability and above all with the help of Blockchain we can present an authentic diamond journey which eventually help industry to gain consumers confident.
The application of blockchain to track the provenance of diamonds brings about transparency in every stage of a diamond’s journey from the origin to the end consumer. As the authenticated provenance is not modifiable and available for every stakeholder to view, issues such as risk and fraud are mitigated.
What are the other emerging technology that are used? +
DTL protocol consist of scientific authentic process, comprise of machine vision, point-to-point authenticity of rough through patented technology, auto API baked ERP system, QR code on girdle of the each diamonds, Mobile Inscription Viewer to scan the QR code and next gen message delivery system.
Who can join the DTL? Can everyone in the diamond industry be a part of it? +
Every stakeholder in the diamond and jewellery industries are strongly encouraged to be part of the Diamond Time-Lapse Protocol. The objective of the protocol is to facilitate the shift of the industry landscape in transparency levels through a secure and authenticated manner to boost consumer confidence. As such, it is integral that the entire industry come together for a collaborative effort.
Is it available now? +
Yes. Onboarding of participants has commenced. To register please email to dtl@ddpl.com
Up to which size of diamonds can be traced back to origin? +
For now it is for 0.30 CTS and above size
Is this limited to any region? +
No, it’s a worldwide program
When the program is ready to roll? +
June 2018.
How long data will be stored? +
How about privacy of data? +
Data will be kept in Blockchain Server, the service of data storage will be provide by IBM, the technology and blockchain system is considered most secured in terms of data handling, on the top of it, entire system and data security has been certified.
I don’t want to disclose my supplier’s name to my customers. +
DTL do not disclose any supplier’s name, every step of ownership, control panel will be provided, control panel or owner of the data will then decide what information they wants to pass to next owner.
Is there any name of the company be mentioned in the journey? +
No, you will get all the details of last owner (your supplier) similarly your buyer will have information about last supplier (you), additionally you have authority to publish the data you wish and skip the rest except there are few important milestones, which is required to gain consumer confidence.
What if I am not comfortable with all the detail as shown in the sample report? +
Retailers have liberty to decide what information they want to deliver to consumers, except few important milestones: Image of the rough, Image of KP, Final rough plan and video of polished diamonds.
What if I don’t want to handout physical DTL reports? +
The digital platform to transfer the authentic data & ownership is good enough if in case someone do not want to handout physical printed version of DTL certification.
Is there any demo version of system available? +
Yes, please contact our technical team, they will assist you to have demo version online or to your doorstep whichever is possible.
To know more about the system, please contact our customer help center dtl@ddpl.com